Let Me Teach You How to Scam People: Oyinbo Man Tells Nigerian Yahoo Boy, Exposes His Face

A young white man with the Twitter handle @kierannwood has gone online to narrate how a serial fraudster from Nigeria has been messing with people’s Instagram accounts.

He sent screenshots of the messages they exchanged and their faces in a video call they had. In his direct message, the Nigerian man said the company he invested in is giving out £500 (N261,131.05) to five people.


The scam format


To get the free moneyt.he person has to answer a riddle that goes:


“An ex-policeman lost his house, his car and his girlfriend. WHAT DID HE LOSE FIRST?”


In response, the white man replied:


“Brother, there’s better ways of scamming people! This isn’t going to work. Video call me, I’ll help you.”


The Nigerian man asked if he really meant he will teach him. They both then proceeded to have a video call.

See his post below:




some of the reactions below:


@anya_wut said:

“Someone hacked my friends insta and Facebook and sent out the same sh*t.”


@_AsiwajuLerry said:


“Embarrassing! If only Nigeria we get traceable database, them suppose carry am before the next 24hrs.”


@PasbiUc said:


“And he fell for the trap so easily, can’t be Nigerian.”


@SavvyRinu said:


“Just to straighten the record, this person is a Ghanaian.”


@iam_akhidue said:


“I apologize on behalf of Nigerians for this. It’s quite unfortunate that internet fraud has become so prevalent in our country and there’s no excuse for this deplorable practice but please understand that there are still honest Nigerians though they’re in very short supply.”


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