LOL! Anele leaves tweeps howling with tweet about her famous gap

‘I feel like an arcade game,’ wrote Anele in the hilarious post that left her many fans laughing out loud.


Anele gap

If there’s one thing about South African media personality Anele Mdoda, it’s that she is hilarious without even trying to be. The bubbly 94.7 breakfast show host always leaves her thousands of fans laughing out loud with her outrageously funny thoughts and opinions and this time she has done it again. Heading to her favourite social media app, Twitter, she shared a funny tweet about her famous gap that left tweeps gasping for her.

Many gap-toothed people headed to the comment section to share just how much they can relate to her gap content.



Who doesn’t love a girl who can laugh at herself and embrace her eccentricity?

Anele Mdoda proved herself to be one of the most relatable celebrities in South Africa after she took some time to laugh at herself and her silly man.

In a hilarious tweet shared on Wednesday this week, Anele shared how her man has been nagging her to let him slip an R5 coin through her gap.

According to her funny tweet, the whole thing makes her feel a little bit like an arcade game.

“My man really wants to slot an R5 coin through my gap. I feel like an arcade game… no more lives… insert more coins”



The post left her followers doubling over from laughter as they rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts on her “dilemma”.

A few people with gaps shared similar experiences and thanked Anele for helping others embrace their smiles.

@simmiareff said:

“Didn’t you do two R2 coins once live on air? Can’t we show him the precedent that was set? It starts with R5 and then next thing he is suggesting R7.50.”

@lesegokhumo said:

“The older I get, the wider my gap gets. I hate it”

While @lindz-malindz commented:

“Bathong what kind of comedy is this?”


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