“Make sure his family likes you” – Lady shares advice she received from her aunt who divorced her husband after 10 years

A Nigerian lady, Rebecca has taken to Twitter to share the relationship advice her aunt, who divorced her husband, had given her.

She said the woman shared some important things that she would never forget with her after divorcing her husband after ten years of marriage.


According to her aunt, a woman must first obtain her own money before settling down, the second was for her to make sure the family she is marrying into liked her.

She wrote;


“My Aunty divorced after 10 years and she had two advices for me

She said;

1) Kiki please don’t marry without your own money.

2) Make sure his family likes you

I can never forget this and I always look out for this.

Once you’re more successful than their son na there wahala de really start. And you’ll be wondering is it not this people that was forming love for me? The shock is crazy in that moment.”

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