Makhadzi wins the song of the year on one of the top radio stations in the country

Makhadzi has tasted the benefits of winning the song of the year on one of the popular radio stations in the country, and this time most people were happy to see their favorite artist getting the top spot on the spot to close 2022.

Munghana Lonene is the station that got their listeners to decide about the song of Makhadzi, we’re they have voted for her in huge numbers to win the votes after many listeners decided that, they are loving her songs and they have been praising her for this talent.


The future looks bright for Makhadzi and we can’t wait to see how 2023 is holding for her because 2022 has been a good year, full of opportunities where she traveled the whole world to perform.

She has also won many awards across the country where she had a chance to perform at the South African music awards.



Content created and supplied by: Mjomisto (via Opera News )

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