Mamkhize and Andile got dragged into domestic abuse matter of Sonia and her son

Shaun Mmakhize and Andile Mpisane have been dragged into the matter of Sonia Mbele and her son Donell. Donell is exposed for how he was abusive to his partner, which he has acknowledged, but it was something that Reokeditswe did not keep a secret. She posted on Instagram for everyone to become aware of what happened.


It was said that Mamkhize’s son, Andile, could learn from Donell’s mother to have a better life. Now that it is being revealed what Sonia has been through personally, people on social media have not taken it very well. She had a child when she was still a teenager, and that is why it has been something that people do not understand: why she is having a child who is almost outgrowing his 21st birthday.1



Sonia does not condone what Donell has done, and she wants to deal with the matter accordingly. That was a great way to do it, and it will be a lesson for many people to stop being abusive. It does not come across as showing love to someone. At the moment, it has not been revealed whether Donell will face charges or an accusation of abusing his own partner. He may be underage, but then it is not allowed in any manner.


Why should Mamkhize and Andile become part of the matter, and from how it has been, they do not have the same history, and Andile Mpisane is now married? But with Mamkhize, she is not someone who is going to bash on Sonia while she has a huge matter to deal with regarding his son’s actions. When someone is down, you should be helpful to that person.

You don’t know what will happen in the future, because you may need something in years to come or even a few months from now. But then some people are thinking that the matter will be dealt with privately, and in some time to come, they will be seen together happy. Forgiveness is important, but it does not give someone the right to do something bad to someone thinking that you will make an apology for it. You may find yourself in prison for taking advantage of the resources or status you have.



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