Man ditches son at school after finding out he isn’t the biological papa

Man Abandons Son at School after Finding out He’s Not the Biological Father, A father ditched his son at kindergarten after he found he was not the biological dad of the little boy

The man said he had left the kid in the school’s hands, with the little being only left with a change of clothes and a mobile phone

Efforts to convince the family members to pick up the boy bore no fruit as all of them rejected the hopeless and helpless boy

Parents abandoning their children is not an uncommon scenario worldwide, but how painful it is.


Helpless son


A man deserted a helpless little boy after discovering he was not his rightful birth biological son.


The father dropped off his son, identified by his pseudonym “Xiao Rui”, at the kindergarten in Guangxi province, southern China, last week as his custom.


However, when the time to collect the five-year-old boy came, the father did not show up, prompting the worried staff to contact him, as reported by South China Morning Post.


In your hands


The reports indicated that neither the parents nor the relatives were not only willing to pick up the stranded boy, but none wanted his back.

The boy’s father, whose name was undisclosed, told the boy’s teacher, Chen, that he would not be coming for the child because of the paternity test results, which revealed the son was not his.

The dad told him the boy was in the hands of the school, and the little being was their problem.


Mobile phone, clothes in backpack


Chen noticed the father had left some change of clothes and a mobile phone in Rui’s backpack when he brought him to school that day.


He called the local police, who contacted Rui’s grandfather and uncle, but none willed take the boy back.

The news shocked many people to the core as they gave their thoughts on the behaviour of the parents.

One wrote:

“Obviously, the father had talked with his wife and relatives and no one wanted the boy, which forced him to leave the kid in the kindergarten.”

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