Man raises money for woman, buys her house, furnishes it & opens shop for her

Emotional Moment Woman Cries in Video as Man Raises Money, Buys House & Sets Up Business for Her, A kind young man known as @murphslife on Instagram has changed the fortune of an old woman with his media popularity.

After speaking to her and finding out how she struggles to make ends meet, @murphslife called on people to contribute to her welfare.

Gloria got everything she dreamt of


In the latest video, he gathered all the cash donated and presented it to Gloria. The philanthropist used the money to get her a house and furnish it.

As if that was not enough, he made the woman’s childhood dream of running her restaurant become a reality. He opened an eatery for her to run.

On the first day of business operation, people who had been following Gloria’s story patronised her to give the woman support.

Watch the video below:




Below are some of the reactions:

gagaglenda said:

“So happy for Gloria! She certainly deserves everything! Gloria had a wonderful heart!”

coni_tu said:

“I don’t know how you control yourself, I will be crying the whole entire time this is happening, good heart.”

714extracts said:

“God is good, he blesses people in mysterious ways sometimes.”

getintherobot_shinji said:

“I am crying so hard right. I am so glad to be a part of your patreon.”

mariiiaaaa_m said:

“God bless every person that made this possible for This lady.”

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