Marrying a Wrong Man Will Break You: Ruth Kadiri Advises Women About Their Choice of Partners, Nigerians React

Actress, Ruth Kadiri is advising ladies who are considering getting married to their men and urging them to be watchful ahead of the journey.

The actress who is married with a daughter advised women against marrying the wrong person because it will break them.


She shared an image on Instagram with an inscription that read:


“Marriage doesn’t scare me, marrying the wrong person does.”


Ruth captioned the post as:


“The wrong man will break you! O they will. And it will be you Who let them.”


Check out the post below:



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Nigerians react to Ruth Kadiri’s marriage advice to ladies


A number of Ruth Kadiri’s fans and celebrity colleagues have reacted to her post advising women about not getting married to the wrong men.


 some of the comments, read below:




“The wrong person will reduce you to nothing!”




“It’s one of the facts of life, marrying the wrong person will leave you scarred for life , if it does not end you sef.”




“2 very important decisions in life!! The first? Who you should marry and the second is even more important.. Who you should not marry!”




“The more reason we should ask God before taking/making any move.”




“Why do we make it look as if its only women that are being broken or destroyed in marriage? Marrying the wrong woman destroys a man too. Marrying the wrong partner is what we should avoid.”

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