MaYeni Left Her Fans Happy After She Put Sne On Her Place After She Told Her The Truth

Mayeni has put Sne in her place in the most respectful manner, when she said she must stop liking man more than her kids. She told her that she should love her kids more than man, and she should always put her kids first.



Sne has Dissapointed Everyone including her father Musa Mseleku and his four wife’s. During the last conversation, Sne did not speak well with MaCele. MaYeni have decided to to have a talk with her which she call her in order.

Viewers of #Uthandonesthembu have love how MaYeni spoke to Sne. MaYeni has show her fans and followers how many parents should address their children with the approach and the good tone. Sne have tried to give MaYeni attitude but she ended up collecting herself.



MaYeni have basically told Sne that she will miss MaCele the day she gives up on her, because no one has her back like that. Many viewers wish that Sne can listen to what MaYeni is saying. What bothers fans, is that Sne is not seeing that she actually did wrong MaCele. Even her apologize was not genuine.



MaYeni is the type of person that doesn’t take nonsense. She’s nice, she makes jokes but again have her limits. Mayeni has been the most misunderstood wife, whiles she’s actually the sweetest person who doesn’t take nonsense. She chooses peace for herself over anything and it’s profound. MaCele and MaKhumalo has been defined as someone who agrees with everything.


One thing about Mayeni is that she loves the family and wants to see it happy and getting along.

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Source: Hashtag #Uthandonesthembu twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode


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