Mercy Johnson proudly shows off kids with multiple medals from competition

Proud Mercy Johnson Dances Excitedly Around As She Shows Off Kids With Multiple Medals From Sports Competition, Mercy Johnson uses every opportunity to show off her beautiful kids and she recently had a reason to which she utilized to the maximum.

The actress kids participated in their school’s inter-house sports competition and they won several medals.

In a video sighted on her page, Mercy arranged her three older kids in a single file with their medals displayed on their necks.

She happily danced behind them while her last baby with obviously no medal took the shine as she danced in front of her siblings.

“When all your kids get more than one medial in their inter house sports.”






“Smallie don pro for the dance!!. Cute.


“This small one for front go get wahala like her mama “


“Divine the dancer, where is her medal”


“Wetin the small one dey do self ?”


“I wonder how these lovely kids cope with mercy Johnson as a mom


“D one wey stand for front,we’re is her medal and na she come dance pass oooo…##familygoal## u are blessed mercy”


“Congratulations Ma’am. This Gives Pure Joy’s and Satisfaction ❤️❤️❤️”


“You make parenting look so easy”

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