Moment baby stopped crying after seeing her mum outcry her in hilarious video

Baby Was Surprised: Video Shows Funny Moment Cute Baby Stopped Crying after Seeing Mum Outcry her, A Nigerian mum demonstrated just a different way to stop kids from crying instead of petting them.

A video capturing the funny moment between mother and her crying child was shared on Instagram by @saintavenue_ent1.

A crying contest

Instead of petting the crying baby, the mum positioned before the child and fake-cried loudly.

She got spittle from her mouth and rubbed it on both sides of her face as if shedding tears.

Perhaps startled by her mum’s unusual response, the kid stopped crying and watched the mum keenly.

After seeing that her plan had worked, the mum stopped her stunt and planted a kiss on the lips of the now calm kid.

Watch the cute video below:




Nigerians found it hilarious

@rasheedat_tm commented:

“Because mothers don’t cry in front of them they think it’s easy.”

@nikkylad_fashionandstore thought:

“The baby be like what going on here why is this woman taking my shine.”

@shireofficial_10 stated:

“In the baby’s voice: You can’t do this to me… I started this business… You know how much I sacrificed.”

@peng_therapist wrote:

“I actually do this when I am with a crying baby once you start laugh they will start crying again.”

@amicare_beauty said:

“I do it alot , Definitely he will stop and stare . Don’t do it to an older baby because na you go tire.”

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