Money good o! People react as wedding cake decsends from ‘heaven’ at reception

See Packaging! Guests Cheer as Wedding Cake Descends from ‘Heaven’ for Couple to Cut, Video Stirs Reactions, A wedding cake ‘came down from heaven’ for a couple to cut and many guests could not get enough of the surprise sight.

When it was time for the couple to cut their wedding cake, many guests must have wondered where the cake was.

No cake at sight

There was no cake at sight at first, but just in a moment, a giant five-step cake was lowered from the high ceiling, impressing many people.

The cake descended and hung directly before the couple, just making it easy for them to stretch their hands and cut the piece of artwork. Surprisingly, it was standing on nothing.

Watch the video below:




The video was shared on Instagram by @lh_events and later reposted by @mufasatundeednut and it has generated a number of reactions.

Many are wondering how the event planner was able to pull off the feat without the cake falling and crashing on the floor, thereby causing huge embarrassment. A few of the reactions go as follows:

@mrsmile_comedian reacted:

“And somebody will tell me to have just 25 guest on my wedding day, mtchewwww.”

@rapheal__el commented:

“What if camera man run con jam the cake nko.”

@iam_chrismilez07 said:

“All this many activities, marriage nor go still last.”

@missjvibe commented:

“Money is good, abeg my future husband try get money before our wedding.”

@shofaitz remarked:

“When Nigerian have money we do the most.”

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