Mother who killed her 4 kids has passed away, this is what she told police moments before she died


(Picture supplied by Blessings Ramoba official Facebook page)

32 year old Nomboleko Simayile (pictured above) who is accused of killing her four children with a sledgehammer hammer passed away at the hospital yesterday, the circumstances leading up to her death have not yet been established at this stage.


According to a article written by Blessings Ramoba news yesterday, Sunday, 10 November 2022 Nomboleko told police officers that she is not feeling well inside but she did not specify the nature of her sickness, emergency services personnel were called for assistance and upon their arrival she was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.


Moments later after she was admitted at the hospital she was confirmed deceased by Medics, however the circumstances leading up to her death were not established, more details surrounding her death will come out as soon as a post mortem is conducted.




Nomboleko was supposed to make an appearance at the Engcobo Magistrate’s Court for a formal bail hearing on Saturday, 19 November 2022 but she collapsed in her cell for unknown reasons and the court case was postponed to 29 November 2022.



Nomboleko Simayile, the 32 year old Engcobo mother accused of killing her four children with a hammer passed away


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