Mzansi Mocks Businessman For Being Heartbroken By Ama2000

The Yanga Pangomso and Timna Masekwana saga is getting uglier by the day. From exposing her for cheating on him and disclosing her HIV status, he has now exposed her for allegedly flying down a Nigerian traditional healer to perform a ritual on her private parts.


They made waves on social media immediately after the story broke. A lot of people were disgusted with the fact that he disclosed her HIV status and called her a lot of vile names.

As the scorned Yanga posts more information about his ex girlfriend, people don’t seem to have any sympathy for him because he is dating someone who is significantly younger than him. He became a laughing stock for getting his heart broken by someone who was born in 2002.



While many people have genuine sympathy for Yanga, there were plenty others who thought that he was quite pathetic for publicly embarrassing himself because of a girl (2k).

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