Mzansi Reacts To Heavy Security Presence Spotted In Soweto This Morning, See What Went Down

South Africa: People living in Soweto woke up to meet heavy security presence this morning. Over 50 security officers with heavy weapons and vehicles were spotted patrolling the street of Soweto in a bid to stop illegal Zimbabwean from sabotaging the launch of the new Soweto railway line.


According to latest reports, the line which would be running from Naledi and Johannesburg will help South Africans spend nothing more than R8.50 while traveling to and fro Naledi and Johannesburg.

While some social media users saw this as an improvement on the side of the governing party (ANC), others hard even darker thought. Here are some of the comments by South African users on Facebook in reaction to the heavy security presence;



Stealing in the name of safety. Some politically connected received a Tenderized Tender for security. 2024 people safeguard the birthrights of your children and grandchildren by voting a delivery centered political party. Away with African Nation Criminals.



It’s so sad that we have to protect this sort of thing, because all they do is vandalize everything. The fact that this is made easier for them that need to use these trains to get to work and back. It’s just beyond me how long are these trains going to stay in this condition before they start looking like the others. They appreciate nothing and it makes me so mad.



What l like about these Prassa security personnels most of them a highly trained with military training from various political movement wings such Azanla, MK and Apla as well some coming from private security companies that they were working for as specialist security personnels. So kuzonyiwa ngamaPhara amoshana nabakhweli inside trains as well as nearby train stations.




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