N10k isn’t enough to cook a pot of stew these days – Young Nigerian lady reveals

N10k Can No Longer Cook a Pot of Stew These Days: Nigerian Lady Says, Many People React, A young Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle @Ore_akiinde on Tuesday, March 5, stirred massive reactions on social media when she mentioned that N10,000 is no longer enough to cook a pot of stew.

In reaction to people’s criticism, the lady said she meant from the scratch and that the price of chicken, cooking gas, one litre of oil, and others need to be factored in.



Things are now expensive

She pegged the price of chicken at N4,000. There were some people who believed in her opinion that N10,000 is not enough going by the high cost of things in the market.

See her posts below:





At the time of writing this report, the post has gathered over 2,000 quoted replies with thousands of likes.

People disagreed with her

some of the reactions below:

@oluwakore_de criticised her:

“You for buy pot and firewood join.”

@AttractaIfee said:

“Wow! Those of you screaming 2k for tomatoes either do not go to market or do not cook or both!”

@PapaKing73 said:

“This is What happens when you learn how to cook on YouTube.”

@abbietayo said:

“People don’t know #500 onion is small in some places.”

@Cowboydada said:

“From the scratch? You no go rent kitchen too? 10k small.”

@theAyees said:

“Another one. Wahala for E-wives and E-husbands.”

@ikeoluwaaaaaa said:

“What has she said so wrong again bayii?? Omo, Nigerians get problem oh. How much is pepper? Oil? Protein? Are you people okay???”

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