Na peacock? Nigerian man fears for his eyes as lady wears broom cap to church

Is That a Peacock? Woman Wears Funny Broom Cap to Church on Easter Sunday, People Fear For Their Precious Eyes, A lady has set tongues wagging with the choice of cap she chose for her Easter Sunday appearance.

A man captured the photo of the lady’s fashion and shared it online, saying it threatened his eyes.

The cap, a delightful fashion item for ladies has set off a chain of reactions on Twitter where it was posted.

It stood on the lady’s head and extended backward like the tail of a peacock. It appears capable of threatening anyone sitting at the back of the wearer.

See the tweet below:




Nigerians on Twitter react

Meanwhile, Nigerians on Twitter quickly took to the comment section of the twit to share their opinions.

Here are a few of what they are saying:

@Giggy_50 said:

“I initially thought this was a bird nest.”

@kingsolosky commentted:

“Some women are just so funny with the kind of hair style they make, but to be serious, men don’t send them with all this big load and funny styles?”

@Antho_Jason reacted:

“I know I would’ve be like “ma please place your branches well. It’s obstructing my view.”

@tomilayooduyeb1 reacted:

“Have you heard the saying ‘As proud as a peacock’.”

@Jenni__pher said:

“For her mind na she dress pass this one pass jesus thorn.”

@Daniel_benessy reacted:

“Wait! For a moment ago I thought she was carrying a peacock on her head. What is this na.”

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