Nadia Buari: Actress Flaunts Pretty Daughter, Photo Melts Hearts

Nadia Buari: Actress Flaunts Pretty Daughter, Photo Melts Hearts, Award-winning actress Nadia Buari has warmed hearts on social media after sharing a photo of one of her daughters online.

The photo shared on her Instagram page shows Nadia in a fixated gaze at her daughter who stood in front of her.


Nadia Buari wore a yellow-coloured spaghetti top while her daughter wore a white top with pink stripes.


The actress held her pretty-looking daughter with two hands as looked keenly into each other’s faces.


Sharing the photo, Nadia Buari talked about the love she has for her children. She explained that the love she has for the children is from her soul.


“When the mind falls in love, it’s temporary…When the heart falls in love, it lasts a lifetime…When the soul falls in love, it’s eternal. ~These little humans who live in my house rent-free, are who my soul has fallen in love with.❤️ #ALoveLikeOurs,” her caption read.




Nadia Buari’s photo gets fans talking


Nadia Buari’s photo with her daughter has drawn mixed reactions from her fans. While some praised the mother and daughter, others reacted to Nadia’s caption. And there were some who wanted to see the child’s face.


praise6645 said:


“They should be paying rent because stay at the house more than the owner.”

nwachiefjimbo said:


“So ethereal, this lot. Hold on, are you angels or what?❤️.”


rahmatmohammed348 said:


“Make we see them face la haba mama NadiaYou can’t hide their face from us forever oo.” konkoofficial said: “Photocopy .”


kelash_baba said:


“So beautiful So sweet smile have a sweet smile.” yvonnahnyango said: “Aww that is sweet and pure love ..sending love to you guys❤️❤️❤️.”


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