Nigerian Biker Riding from London to Lagos Defeats Harsh Sahara, Enters Senegal on Day 13, Shares Cool Video

Ambitious biker, Kunle Adeyanuj arrived in Senegal on day 13 of his London to Lagos ride. The journey which is meant for charity is planned to last 25 days and cover 12,000km.

Yesterday, Kunle tweeted that he has arrived St Louis, Senegal from Mauritania after crossing the Sahara Desert through Morocco.


The Sahara ride


Kunle shared a stunning video of when he was riding through the Sahara Desert on his bike. The arid land was really tasking for him as he could be seen trying hard to navigate his way through.


At some point, he had to completely stop and use his left leg to support the movement of the bike as it is caught in the pool of Sahara sand.


When he got to the Morocco-Mauritanian border, he was stopped by the security agents who checked him thoroughly even with a sniffer dog.


Watch the video below:





Twitter users react


@_Lara_Annie said:


“Nice one, you’re getting closer to Lagos and we the Lagos bikers can’t wait to receive you.”


@General_Oluchi commented:


“The company that designed your bike should not miss the opportunity of making you a brand ambassador. You’ve done more than anyone can with that bike.”


@ajimokodeji reacted:


“Waooò welcome to Senegal, If you in Dakar I can join to welcome you. Well done sir.”


@boxypiper said:


“I will be waiting at Cotonou to photocopy your map.”

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