Nigerian lady weeps, refuses to let go of her man at airport, video melts hearts

She Didn’t Want Him to go: Video Shows Nigerian Lady Weep at Airport, Holds Her Man as he Prepares to Fly out, A Nigerian lady got emotional at an airport as her man made to fly out of the country.

The lady shed tears and refused to let go of the man, as seen in a video shared by @josranks_dion on TikTok.


A caption on the clip explaining her emotional outburst reads:

“She didn’t want to let Him go but had to because he’s striving for their future.”


The man comforted his weeping woman by petting her while saying something that was inaudible for the camera.

After a while, she had to let go, allowing the man to continue on his journey.


Watch the video below:




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Netizens reactions

ShariffStamps said:

“Those TEARS is a signature u signed to his heart unknowingly.. I promise u, he will never forget that day.. Gone thru it, my mum cried a lot.”

user502239243581 said:

“Reason why i told my hubby not to see me off to the airport it’s a very sad moment and if you’re not strong enough you may miss the flight.”

DanDonTap1 said:

“I know the girl. shes my baby in benin, like theyve been together since school, theyre married now, he came back for her.”

Boyka007 said:

“I wish someone cry for me like this when I was leaving, 4 years now I can’t even apply for vacation because I have no one waiting for me. Hope.”

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