No fancy clothes and many guests: Couple marry in simple wedding ceremony

Photos of Simple Wedding Ceremony With Few Guests Go Viral, Bride and Groom Wear ‘Normal’ Clothes, A young man with the Twitter name, Ph Obidon, has posed in photos with his significant other as they tied the knot in a simple wedding.

it appears Ph Obidon and his wife were longtime lovers who stayed faithful to their love.

The duo decided to seal their relationship with marriage, proceeding with a simple ceremony.

He married his best friend

Ph Obidon uploaded the photos online along with the caption:

”Got married to my best friend today.”

The images from the simple occasion have gained massive attention, sparking reactions and varied comments.

As of the time of this report, the snaps had gained over 3,000 retweets, 832,000 quote tweets, and more than 37,000 likes.



some of the remarks below:

Mixed reactions

@ChidiAgbomm observed:

“All I am asking is why the sadness on their faces that’s all. Where you people forced to get married or you don’t know how to smile?”

@forgiiv commented:

“I’m not hating on anyone bro. You guys don’t like to call a spade a spade. When you post on social media you should expect a positive and negative response.”

@hemebob said:

“Simplicity at its best! No flamboyance. No unnecessary excesses. No matching outfit they’ll get to wear just once. This couple sure won’t be owing to any vendor after the wedding. There’s marriage after the wedding. Happy married life, guys. God bless your new home.”

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