People left in stitches after seeing what Somizi said in this picture that Kelly Khumalo posted


Recently South Africans were shocked to know that Kelly Khumalo is expecting a baby. A number of people surely did not see this coming, as this left them with a lot to say. Other people on social media were also congratulating her after hearing these news. Having a baby is surely a great blessing as not all people can have a baby.


Kelly also posted another picture on social media which showed off her tummy. South African idols judge Somizi commented on this picture as he said that “Hawu yaphelamali ka malume” which which means that uncle’s money will get finished.


A number of people found what Somizi said very funny as they could not stop themselves from laughing. They commented with laughing emojis to show how funny they found what Somizi said. Other people on social media were however also saying that an uncle is suppose to spoil there nephews or nieces. Surely they will be also expecting that Somizi will spoil Kelly Khumalo’s baby.



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