Photos Of Zuma & His Daughter Caused a Stir, See What People Noticed that Left Them Talking

Generally speaking, a father is supposed to have a closer relationship with his sons, while a mother is supposed to have a good relationship with her daughters. But when it comes to the Zuma family, things are different. Zuma seems like he doesn’t have a close relationship with his son, Duduzane; he has a closer relationship with his daughter, who is always by his side. These two are inseparable; whenever Zuma goes, Duduzile is always there to support him. If you don’t know that, you can even think maybe she’s his PA because she’s always next to him. Many people have questioned why Zula is closer to his daughter than his son.


As we all know, Zuma is busy with the private prosecution of the criminally accused and allegedly corrupt President Ramaphosa. They appeared in court again yesterday, and as always, he came with his fully loyal daughter and a friend who was suspended from the ANC, Carl Niehaus. Duduzile and Carl have stood by Zuma’s side for as long as I can remember, even when it wasn’t fashionable to do so.


Before the court started, Zuma and his daughter were taking photos outside, and as always, the two were posing like two teenagers who are so in love with each other. After their photos were posted on Twitter, people laughed at Duduzile’s shoes, saying she was wearing Jacob Zuma’s. Some even said soon she will be wearing his pants since it seems like she wasn’t to be his heir. If you check clearly, in most of the Duduzile posts, people are criticizing her, but it seems like she doesn’t even care.



People are lacking a sense of fashion. This isn’t men’s shoes; yes, they have the same design as the ones for men, but they are not the same. Those who are laughing and criticizing Dudu just don’t know any fashion. In another news story, people are asking why Jacob Zuma has a better relationship with his daughter than his son; some even said she’s old enough to be married but she can’t be married because she’s always with her father. Someone even asked if Dudu isn’t working because she always sits next to her father.


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