Pics: people are blaming Mshoza and Mampintsha after what they noticed about Msawawa

Msawawa is a South African Kwaito musician who became successful at only ten years old. He was a musical sensation in the 1990s, surpassing other Kwaito singers of the time like Mshoza, Mandoza, and Trophies. A lot has happened to Msawawa since then; he is a mature man today doing what he likes best. He was born and bred in his hometown of Durban, in 1990. Bulldawgz Entertainment discovered him at eight years old. In 2001, he rose to fame with the album The Hurricane of Bowngakanani. He could not handle too much popularity at such a tender age. Msawawa’s age at the release of his first hit single was nine years. He later went out of the music scene with rumors saying that he was broke.


People who know Msawawa from when he was still young. They know that Msawawa was dark-skinned but now his skin color changed, and it got a lot of people talking and asking a lot of questions because he looks different from how they know him.


Pictures of Msawawa looking different were shared on social media this is what was shared Msawawa Dlamini is now a yellow bone and I think as kwaito music fans we need to accept him the way he is ❤️❤️🙏🏾

Let’s appreciate our legend while he is still alive ❤️❤️

We love you msawawa we pray to God he keeps you for us for many more years to come ❤️❤️🔥.



After seeing these pictures people were left in stitches as they started commenting and making fun of Msawawa. Some people even started blaming Mshoza saying this is all her fault because she bleached her face and they were both on the same record label, they say it means she’s the one who influenced Msawawa to do the same bleach his face. While some people were saying

Someone even commented saying Is it Zama-Zama after effects from digging or he bathes with butter, honey, and milk? 🤔



While someone commented saying This guy is following mshoza, this is Mshoza’s fault because she is the one who came with this bleaching thing. After all, they were both under the same record label. While someone said Mampintsha started this look where he is now.


People are saying All those celebrities don’t love themselves they don’t appreciate themselves.

Then someone also commented saying Stop forcing us to accept nonsense. Which means he is not proud of his African skin. So on behalf of Africans, we will not accept him.

Those who are making fun of Msawawa should stop, instead, they should pray for him just in case there’s something wrong with him. But we hope his ok there’s nothing serious going on with him.

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