Popular Mojalove TV show in hot water for airing domestic violence

A popular show on Mojalove has found itself in hot water for airing scenes depicting domestic violence.

The show is titled Isancane Lengane.


During the episode Thando Dlamuka, 18, asks her husband Siyacela, 19, why he hit her the previous day. After an interview in which Siyacela admitted the assault and attempted to justify it, he was shown taking his wife’s cellphone and smashing it on the floor.

Meanwhile, job security in South Africa has once again come under the spotlight.

University of Johannesburg associate economics professor Peter Baur and independent political analyst Sandile Swana said AI would have a huge impact in South Africa and Africa’s economic growth.

Bauer said: “AI has a significant impact on economic growth and is expected to boost productivity by 38% by 2035.

“AI does not affect each sector of the economy equally, but already there tends to be quite an effect as a result of it.”


Baur said the largest impact in SA would be on the tertiary sector, “which has seen a radical increase in growth, predominantly since the ’90s”.

“The tertiary sector is considered a knowledge-based economy, with a greater focus on technology and related business, such as e-commerce and the like.

“We are likely to see the demand for more skilled people with the necessary skill sets becoming more apparent as South Africa moves forward,” said Baur.

Swana said: “AI will change many professions, not just blue-collar work.”

Many major economies, like China and Japan, are facing population decline. That will require more AI and robots to cover the shortage of labour.

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