Portable’s car destroyed as he gets into huge fight with hoodlums on birthday

Portable’s Car Destroyed As He Clashes With Hoodlums on Birthday, Video Shows Singer Fighting With Shirt Off, Fast rising singer, Portable is in the news again, and this time, it’s for exchanging blows aith hoodlums aka area boys in a full street fight on his birthday.

According to reports, the singer refused to give the boys money and it escalated into a full fight that Portable unbuttoned his shirt.

In the video that has made the rounds, the singer with his shirt halfway through his body held a stick as he approached some boys who were still throwing blows.

A shirtless Portable was eventually dragged away from the scene by a lady but he was reported,y beaten up with his car heavily destroyed.



Nigerians react to Portable’s video


“This is why education is not a scam.”


“This guy does not deserve to be a celebrity.”


“See our celeb for road he they trek with no slippers “


“Why dem Dey beef the guy …e no go pass because he no give them money.”


“When he said “ idamu adugbo” y’all thought he was joking “


“Olamide go dey regret by now ‍♀️”


“When you insist you still wan to vibe with your people in trenches sorry portable.”

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