Priscy at 21: Toyin Abraham brags about Iyabo Ojo’s daughter being decent

Thank You for Not Getting Pregnant: Toyin Abraham Celebrates Iyabo Ojo’s Daughter Priscy on 21st Birthday, Veteran Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham attended her colleague, Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla’s 21’s birthday party.

The movie star had a lot of positive things to say about the celebrant after she took to the stage to honor her.

Toyin started off by shutting down the stereotypes people had about Priscilla owing to her flashy lifestyle on social media.

According to the actress, Priscy is an extremely decent girl that she can vouch for anywhere.

Not stopping there, Toyin proceeded to thanking the celebrant for not disappointing them with her conduct. She also switched to Yoruba to thank Priscilla for not getting pregnant because it would have been painful for everybody.

The actress said:

“My baby is extremely decent. I can vouch for her anywhere, anyday, anytime. Priscilla thank you, thank you for not disappointing us. Oshe ti oo gboyun wale, iyen ni o ba dun wa ju.”

Abraham then thanked Priscy once again for not being a disappointment to her single mother, Iyabo Ojo. She also explained how the celebrant is a wonderful girl who is lovable, respectful and extremely humble.

In her words:

“Priscilla is such a wonderful girl, she is a lovable girl. Very respectful, very humble, very intelligent. God bless you, I love you so much.”




Internet users react

A lot of social media users had things to say about Toyin Abraham’s description of the celebrant as being a decent girl. They also gushed over the touching video.

Read some of their comments below:


“Irrespective of her look and dressings I feel she’s descent and has home training most times people judge us for our look but at least she’s trying and her mom is proud of her many are holy holy and full of sh*it.”


“Anyone that say she’s not decent should bring out their own decent daughter. I love her pa.”


“Her dressing does not describe who she is!!”


“Beautiful comments about her God bless you darling.”


“Before una go talk say she badit’s her birthday now.”

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