Reportedly, Mamkhize wasn’t the target during the Robbery at Her mansion. See who the actual Target

Shauwn Mkhize, professionally known as Mam’Mkhize, is a South African socialite, businesswoman, philanthropist and television personality. She is known from her Mzansi Magic reality television series, Kwa Mam’Mkhize.

As a socialite, Mamkhize is always posting about her whereabouts on instagram and it appears that not everyone who’s viewing her insta stories are her true fans. It appears that a group of criminals knew that Mamkhize was at a Kwa max lifestyle all white party and planned a hit at her mansion.

However, the group was a 3 man gang, and they headed to her mansion, but little did they know that Mamkhize has a very strong security guard and it was able to stop those criminals before they could enter the mansion.

The security encountered the criminals in a heavy shootout which invited the interests of the Kwazulu Natal Police force, as the securities battled those 3 criminals. However the securities won the battle and managed to shoot one criminal down and the other 2 fled the scene.

According to the reports from Timeslive, the criminals appeared to be after Mamkhize’s estranged husband, as he lives in the southern part and it’s where they tried to rob. It is believed that Mamkhize’s mansion is divided into two parts, the northern part( where Mamkhize stays) and the southern part which is utilised by her estranged husband.

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