Romantic Nigerian man wakes wife up on Easter morning with fresh Naira notes

Romantic Nigerian Man Wakes His Lovely Wife Up With an Envelope Full of Minted Naira Notes on Easter Morning, A Nigerian man’s way of showing love and appreciation to his wife has got so many people gushing on Facebook.

The man named Tom Alims packaged an envelope and put some fresh Naira notes in it. He said he told his wife that it was an Easter message sent from home which she had to read.


Plenty of cash in an envelope

But upon opening the envelope, she beheld cool cash which are freshly minted Naira notes.

Sharing the story, Tom wrote:

“I woke sombori’s daughter up today with an envelope i told her was a letter sent from home to her she had to put on the light to read with sleepy eyes. Lo and behold it was an Easter message from her boyfriend of many years to her emmm the other part of the gist? Happy Easter, friends and family. Thank you for your Tender Love and Care, darling Mary-Joan. I love you.”

The note on the envelope reads:

“Thanks for being a good woman and for managing this boy and the homefront perfectly.”

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Nigerians on Facebook react

Okiemute Fole said:

“Woww….There are still good marriage out there … That’s all I can say! Nobody can tell me. Otherwise because you see this Marriage bliss wey ona dey advertise so… I go experience, chop and walk on top amm. Lemme. Go and look for somebodys son ooo.”

Deborah Okon commented:

“This is beautiful to behold sir TA, with the way I’m blushing by just reading this, I can relate how your wife reacted , such a beautiful moment.”

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