SA top Barcadi artist was painful killed last night| Look what happened to him

According to reports, Vusi Ma R5, a well-known Barcadi performer from Mabopane, was fatally shot on Sunday night at one of the locations where he was scheduled.

According to reports, the incident happened in M17 at a place called Legentsheng. He is thought to have died from his injuries after being shot. The Barcadi star’s fans and admirers have started extending their condolences to his family and close friends. Police personnel were observed conducting an investigation at the scene of his death; no one has been detained to date, and the cause of his death is still a mystery. South Africans remain in disbelief. Even though it is true that they killed him, to some people it still appears to be a comedy. Vusi gained notoriety in Pretoria and throughout the rest of South Africa for the Barcadi dance and its upbeat music. May his soul rest in peace.

His passing occurs just two months after DJ Sumbody and Oupa amapiano pioneer John Sefoka, also known as DJ Sumbody, were murdered in Woodmead on November 20, 2020. What actually occurs to South African creatives? Because of the killings that are taking place, being an artist is suddenly even more frightening. We’ll hear that you’ve left a minute later, just to attract our attention. Could it be a result of industrial competition? There have been numerous allegations of South African artists being murdered since 2020. All of us believed that these awful activities might come to a stop in 2023.


However, a few weeks ago, the death of DJ Sumbody, who was shot many times, left us all terrified. We ought to pray for the safety of South African artists, whose lives are no longer secure since they are treated like prey. Let’s hope the law begins to take the murder of artists seriously and takes stronger measures to apprehend the offenders.



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