Skeem Saam Kwaito Posted A Picture With Pearl Shongwe But People Noticed This That Left Them Talking

A picture that has been circulating on social media has really left people talking. This is a picture of Skeem Saam actor Clement Moasa with his friends. Clement is a South African award winning actor, musician, entrepreneur and MC. He was one of the loved celebrities in the country. Clement Moasa is popularly known for his role of Kwaito on Skeem Saam. He started his acting career at a very young age and managed to win the love of many people by his acting skills


He has inspired many young people who have wishes of being in the acting industry. His role on Skeem Saam impacted positively on the lives of many young people. Skeem Saam is one of the informative television soap operas in the country known for giving good content that always leave people amazed. This soap opera managed to share a strong message to others through their actors. Clement Moasa is one of the top loved actors in the soap opera. He posted a picture on his Instagram with his friends just like other people.



He was revealing how heartbroken he is by the death of Pearl Shongwe as they were friends. Meanwhile others were sending messages of condolences, others were busy looking for something else. People were left talking after they snoticed that his teeth were “yellow”. They were left asking why a celebrity like him would have yellow teeth. However that’s not something that can be used agaisnt him. It’s actually bullying and really wrong. Bullying had made many people to end their lives because they are unable to handle pressure that is being put people.



Let it he known that some people are not strong enough to deal with what people are saying about them. It’s wrong for people to use social media to bully other people. Instead of using social to enpower each other people are using social media to destroy others and it’s wrong. People need to refrain from bullying others because it tends to end so badly. What is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.




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