Skeem Saam Updates| Is this the end of Lizzy or she will survive this tragic incident?

Luc injected her and said RIP

Lizzy is still in danger while other people close to her think that she ran away with Mr Kganyago. This is her chance to save herself but it will be difficult since she is tied up and injected.

Luc injected her and told her to RIP. Does this mean she is killing her or what? But I doubt that her role will be coming to an end because they would have announced it on social media. I hope that they don’t leave the storyline hanging, because viewers will love to know how it ends.

Hopefully she will be saved from what happened to her. Lizzy is the only one who will make her mother see the light that Mr Kganyago is not coming back. Luc was beating around the bush not sure if he should kill Lizzy or not with the injection. This is what they do to people who they are stealing from them.


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