Smart Nigerian man invents powerful medicine abroad, gives it nice Nigerian name

Smart Scientist Discovers Powerful New Drug, Gives it Nigerian Name, Gets Accolades Home and Abroad, A talented Nigerian scientist, Dr Ugochukwu Anieto, has made a new foray into the area of drug invention as he has discovered a novel antibiotic.

Dr Anieto is an instructional assistant at the College of Science and Higher Education, McAllen, Texas A&M University.


The new drug is called ‘Anietocin’ which is named after his Nigerian family roots.


Drug used to treat drug-resistant infections


According to a document sighted online, Anietocin is used to treat drug-resistant infections. The document also states that the new invention is currently undergoing laboratory trials.


Also, it confirmed that preparations are in top gear to get the drug patented in the United States.


A relative to Dr. Anieto named Ozii Baba Anieto shared a tweet to celebrate the feat. He wrote:


“My cousin, Dr. Ugo Anieto discovered an antibiotic for drug-resistant infections. He named it ANIETOCIN – after my family name. Dr. Ugo is a scientist in Texas, USA.”


See his tweet below:




Twitter users react to Anieto’s achievement


@julietkego said:


“What a beautiful flex! Celebrating Excellence. Congratulations to him.”

@ObyDikeagu commented:


“Anietocin! I love the sound of that. Congratulations to Dr Anieto. LIfe e kwulu ka a na eme.”

@oga_pharmacist reacted:


“God news. Happy for Dr.Ugo & his team. However, it is still a very long road to having the drugs pass through bench work, and into trials (phase 1 to 4), where it will be screened for so many other properties including safety, real world efficacy and more. Hope it goes well.”


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