Social media is toxic, read the caption of this picture you understand that social media is toxic

Love is a beautiful thing, and when you find that special person to share it with who feels the same way about you, it becomes even more special. And for some people when they love someone they love them for real. And they don’t care about how the person looks, to them looks are nothing but just as long as they love each other that’s what is important to them.

But when it comes to love, and when 2 people love each other and like showing it off, there’s always going to be those people who will want to comment, and in most cases, they like commenting negatively. People will always want to find something wrong especially if 2 people love each other.


picture of a beautiful couple who looks happy was shared on social media. But the caption of the picture got people laughing at the guy. If you can look at the guy, you will notice that his face has scars that look like burned scars. Which got people laughing because of what the guy who posted the picture said. After posting this picture the guy who posted the picture wrote Di chelete tsamotlakase di tswile, translating what this guy is saying gang he says the guy got the money from the burned scares, though he didn’t say it in many words, he is saying the girl is with the guy because of the money. Which is probably not true.



Maybe the guy who posted these pictures thought he was funny, but no he was not,t and knowing people on social media instead of telling the guy what he did is wrong, they kept on laughing saying if he deletes this post, they will unfollow him, block him and report his account. But to show that, he did this for content, likes, and followers he didn’t delete the post. This says a lot about him, that he doesn’t care about other people’s feelings if he hurts them or not. But just as long as people are laughing he doesn’t care how well the guy feels when he sees this caption and people’s comments



Even though some people tried to tell him this is wrong, he just ignored them and kept the post there.

I guess it’s true when they say people on social media they toxic, people on social would do anything for likes, and to get people’s attention. How do you say something like this about another human being? So does it mean because of his skin condition the guy doesn’t deserve to be loved? People are cruel out there. Content and Likes will make people do and say cruel things to innocent people.





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