Somizi leaves fans in stitches as he tells pregnant Lamiez and Kelly, that they should start a band

The thing with pregnancy is that it is contagious. Once you know someone who is pregnant, you are most likely to also follow them. It is like a chain where you might find yourself surrounded by people who are pregnant. It is a cute and sensitive moment of their lives.


Somizi Mhlongo is a multi talented star. There’s literally nothing that he can’t do. He is a musician, television presenter, choreographer, actor, chef and many more. He loves looking so much that he even released a look with recipes. His bubbly personality has made him get along with many people. He is always making them laugh with his jokes.


He has shared a picture of himself holding his stomach, looking like he is pregnant. In his caption he tags Lamiez Holyworth and Kelly Khumalo. These two famous remarkable women are currently pregnant. He is telling them to open a band with him. Lamiez told him that she is going to tell her mother because she doesn’t like being trolled. Her mother happens to be a manager, she accompanied her comment with a laughing emoji.



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