South African Musicians Robbed after a performance. Here are the sad implications of this

While many individuals settle for mundane professions in which they go to work, earn a small amount of money, and then return home, there are a select few who choose to pursue careers that are more fulfilling. There are several applicants for Performance-related positions. If they are brilliant enough, these artists can become internationally renowned, earn a great deal of money, and bring honour to their country. Unfortunately, two recent examples in South Africa have taught us that even artists are not protected from criminal activity.


After performing at a club in Kelvin Sandton, artists were robbed at a garage, as shown in a video recently uploaded to the social networking site Facebook, which you can view by clicking on the link below.



In the video, the man describes how he and his squad were assaulted while purchasing cigarettes from a convenience store. In addition to his iPhone and R10,000 in cash, the man had his DJ and manager’s belongings stolen. The thieves also stole their BMW, but happily it was recovered because the thieves were unable to locate the tracker.

The artist believes this could have been a coincidence or a set-up.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident, as a number of models participating in a music video shoot were forcefully raped and others were beaten. Which has a number of regrettable ramifications for South Africa.

Artists who achieve fame frequently serve as representatives of their nation, and the citizens of those nations are frequently pleased to call these individuals their own. Unfortunately, if any of these musicians become renowned, will they be proud of South Africa or will they despise their time spent here?


While every person in our country should be safeguarded, I believe that particular attention should be devoted to attacks on our artists, as they are a source of national pride and renown. Which we require urgently today that we are facing so many challenges.

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