“Still can’t sleep, I just want to sleep” Connie Ferguson wrote on her stories.

Life never gets easy after losing a loved one. Especially someone with whom you’ve spent half of your life. Some days might get easier while some it is even hard to get out of bed because you miss them. Deaf is one of those things that you never get over.

Connie Ferguson lost her husband Shona Ferguson last year. The Queen actress has been trying to pick up the pieces and get through life without him. She’s back in the gym and interacting with colleagues. What we love most about her is that she is keeping his legacy going.

The producer might have had one of those days where she missed her husband. She shared that she can’t sleep on her Instagram stories. She even went to his Instagram page and started sharing some of his posts. Anyone who has ever experienced death knows that it is very understandable for her to have such moments.


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