Stonebwoy’s daughter gives touching response after mum praised her drawing

Stonebwoy’s Daughter Draws herself, Gives Touching Response when Mother Compliments her, Stonebwoy’s daughter, Catherine Jidula Satekla, has stunned fans with yet another video of her displaying her smartness and cuteness.

In the video sighted, Jidula is captured drawing and colouring an object on paper.

And when her mother, Louisa, asked her whom she was drawing, Jidula responded that she was drawing CJ, that is herself.

The mother asked again what exactly she was colouring at that moment and Jidula answered that she was colouring her hair.

Louisa admired her daughter’s work and complimented her saying it is nice.

Jidula responded: “uumhm”, as if to say she was already aware that her drawing and colouring is nice.


Fans react to Jidula’s video

Jidula’s video has got many admiring and praising her.

Addo Constance, for instance, was excited over Jidula’s last response to her mother:

addaconstance“Her last response though.”

Agyare Daniella was wowed:


Asward Haruna could not get more of Jidula:

aswardharuna“My baby girl.”

Alphreda Acquah mentioned Jidula’s initials:

alphredaacquah: “CJ.”

Jidula’s fanpage described her as “next top artist”


Next top artist.”


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