Take care of your number 1: Man buys Benz for his mum, makes her emotional

Young Man Buys Brand New Mercedez Benz for His Mother, Woman Becomes Emotional, Hugs Him in Photo, A young man with the Twitter handle @IDKFAMWTF has got many people talking on Twitter as he shared the moment he presented a brand new Benz to his mother.

Coming on the platform on Thursday, March 31, the man called his mother his number one, adding that he will always take care of her.

He got her emotional

Photos he shared on the platform show him hugging his mother and the brand new vehicle. The woman looked so emotional.

See his post below:

As at the time of writing this report, the tweet has over 48,000 likes with more than 4,000 likes. some of the reactions below:

@civilpunisher17 said:

“Couldve had given all that to charity in her name, wouldve havd helped her Akhirah. But good for you bro, next time do that.”

@unable2xpres said:

“He’d make his mother happy before giving charity.”

@xxyyandzz said:

“Hi, I’m your long lost sister.”

@Echochant said:

“Hope you got dad one too…until you become a man and a dad you don’t know what dad’s go through to keep the family.”

@_iAlbee said:

“I will recreate this someday.”

@jaelafevre said:

“I can’t wait till God bless me to do stuff like this for my mom.”

@Nkrumahsaman said:

“Mums always win. I’m gonna do this for my Dad soon.”

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