Terry from Big Brother Mzansi is at Lawrence Maleka’s farewell party

Terry is one of the former housemates from Big Brother Mzansi and she is also a content creator. Terry was not seen in a public for a long time now, fans are delighted to see her especially now that she still looks great.


Terry is currently at Lawrence’s party in Johannesburg where many starts are gathered to celebrate him. Terry knows Lawrence because he was the host of Big Brother Mzansi where Terry was also a contestant. It’s great to see that Terry is now rubbing shoulders with the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.


Hopefully we will get to see her more in public and do what she does best. She could have been the host of this party because she is talented when it comes to presenting. Terry is wearing black and white clothes and this could be the theme but we have to wait and see other celebrities too.

Content created and supplied by: Ntoky (via Opera News )

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