The Zulu royal received millions of rands while 72 people are still missing from the KZN floods

Seventy-two people are still missing since the KwaZulu-Natal flood disasters of April and May this year while the Zulu royal household this year received R66 million from the KwaZulu-Natal government, If I may ask on what exactly do the kingdom spend R66m per annum I believe R5m per annum is more than enough when you didn’t work for it, 66 million for what when flood victims are currently sleeping in a bus and others are still missing the super wealthy get free millions, while the poor are deprived of jobs due to corruption

I guess he took some of it for his Qatar World cup jaunt, as his people are still looking for 72 people who went missing in the April floods as they are squashed in community halls, and the rest are saying, give him 600 million as they are about to lose their hospitality jobs in December because the KZN beaches are literally full of crap. How special is this Zulu Royal House and how can such a huge amount be allocated to one tribe, it makes no sense but at the same time it shows the unequalness and unfair of the government with regard to different tribes. What a waste of money I mean even some provincial departments a getting less than this amount


Update on KZN floods, 72 people still missing


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