Theo Kgosinkwe’s wife and daughter leave fans gushing over their matching outfits

Women are planners by nature. It is one of those things that comes naturally to them. Most of them plan their weddings from an early age. They have a book with every detail. That goes to show just how organized they are. Most of them want to have girls so that they can play dress up.


Professional teacher Vourne Kgosinkwe is a mama bear, and we are here for it. It is very rare to see her without her daughter Sky. She’s one of those mothers that are very hands on in raising their children. Sky is like get mother’s plus.


Because of always accompanying her mother to events, Sky had dress up like just like her mother. Vourne shared adorable pictures of her and Sky in matching pink outfits and handbags. The pictures are leaving her fans mushy and broody. They mother and daughter duo, definitely nailed the looks. Sky is such an adorable child.


Content created and supplied by: PennyM (via Opera News )

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