‘This is not the thing I wish to get through’: Nomzamo Mbatha mourns losing her mother

Nomzamo Mbatha has opened up about her grief following the death of her mother.

The international star revealed her mother’s passing in a touching post on Instagram where she alluded to how difficult it is to come to terms with her loss.

“I don’t want to hear ‘it is the will of God’ because my question then is ‘how dare that will not consider me!’ I also don’t want to hear ‘you’re going to get through this’ because it’s simple, this is not the thing I wish to get through!” she penned in her touching post.

The Coming 2 America actress explained how she has been going through a lot of “grief” since her birthday earlier this month and escaping reality was the only thing she could do.

“I have been reeling with grief since the day after my birthday… a full week living in a world where she does not exist in the physical… how can it be. See this love of mine taught me the power in forgiving, in loving people with the utmost kindness, being a soft landing for anyone who needs it and loving on the basis of it being unconditional. She made me feel safe in this world… this one hurts.”

While still coming to terms with her loss, Mbatha expressed how much she’ll cherish the memories she shared with her mother forever.

“Here’s to the woman who occupied the most tender part of my heart, who has loved me without limits since I was born, I will love and miss you for all my days. Everything hurts about losing you, everything! If I could kiss your face just one last time.”

The actress and her mother were true mother-daughter goals. Just last year the two shared snaps from their trip to Istanbul, even sporting matching outfits.

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