Tobi Bakre’s Wife Removes Shoes, Prepares to Run, After Seeing Guests at Her Surprise Birthday Party

Nigerian reality star, Tobi Bakre, is settling in fine into his role as a husband and recently made his wife, Anu, a very happy woman on her birthday.

Anu clocked 26 on September 22 and her man made sure the day did not pass by without a buzz.

Unknown to the celebrant, her man had planned a big surprise for her birthday and she literally did not see it coming.


In videos making the rounds on social media, the funny and heartwarming moment Anu walked into her party venue was captured on camera.


Tobi Bakre led his blindfolded wife by her hands to the well-decorated party venue. Anu was no doubt blown away after removing her blindfold.


The celebrant was faced with screaming guests that consisted of close friends and family members after she removed the blindfold.


The obviously surprised Anu then removed her high-heeled shoes and made as if to run out of the party venue before her husband held her from escaping. She also looked very pleased by the surprise.


See the video below:


Tobi serenades his wife with beautiful music at her birthday party

Videos from the party were also shared online and Tobi was seen singing for his woman during a karaoke session.

See the romantic clip below:


Social media users react

Numerous fans of the couple took to social media to react to the heartwarming videos. A number of them were no doubt touched by the romantic display.

Read what some of them had to say below:


“This girl na better agbero..see how she commot her slippers wan run.”


“She is just a vibe.”


“Bitter leaf advices everywhere……Tobi flaunt your Queen as much as you want it’s your home and your marriage. May God keep you both together till good old age. Amen.”


“Why are you running??”


“Marry your friend.”


“Love is a beautiful thing when you are lucky enough to be someone who is really into you and also tired of the street everyone deserves to taste the sweet sides of love.”


“I just love Tobi’s parents sha, always lively and the groovy type❤️.”

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