Trouble in paradise, Makhadzi exposed Master Kg

They say everything comes to an end, it’s either happy ending or sad ending.

A well known romantic relationship of Limpopo artists kgaogelo Moagi known as Master Kg and Ndivhudza Ralivhona known as Makhadzi is more complicated.

It was really a busy night on Facebook and Twitter with Makhadzi,Maste Kg and Odirile Ishmael Sento known as Vee Mampeezy fighting.

It is very clear that the relationship was ended because Master Kg is suspecting an affair between Makhadzi and Vee Mampeezy, and Master kg is also being suspected of having an affair with girls from Botswana.


Master Kg posted on his Facebook account that “That boy ke bari and I said it before and I repeat o bari browski”  and Vee Mampeezy replied though he was not mentioned in that post, and it was not for the first time seeing this two artist fighting over Makhadzi.



Master Kg also replied Vee Mampeezy stating that Vee Mampeezy must also show people his short relationship with Makhadzi and pictures that was taken in the hotel since he was bragging about it behind the scenes.

On the other hand Makhadzi was busy posting statuses on Facebook and Twitter, saying that if you have a nice body and breast you must call the number phones she posted, and apparently those contacts are Master kg’s.


The ex wife of Vee Mampeezy was also involved in the conflicts, she used her Facebook account to send a message to Vee Mampeezy telling him that she will never disrespect him in public and that she will never get back together with him, Vee Mampeezy replied stating that his ex wife Kagiso Sento used to abuse him physically and emotionally and that he doesn’t wish to fix their relationship.

Master kg posted “No more relationships” on his Facebook account, does that mean his relationship with Makhadzi is over?



they both deleted their posts and Makhadzi said she was hacked,but how about Master Kg and Vee Mampeezy together with his wife? Are they hacked also?

People were criticising Makhadzi for exposing Master Kg’s personal contacts, and they also criticised their behavior in public platforms.

What do you think about their behavior?

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