Twin sisters marry twin brothers, had kids almost same time, live in same house

Bond Forever: Amazing Story of Twins Who Married Twin Brothers, Gave Birth to Kids While Living in Same House, Twins sisters, Brittany and Briana, married Josh and Jeremy Salyers who are also twins in 2018 in a significant ceremony held in Ohio, America.

Two years after that marriage, the two said they were expecting their first children. The couples had been living together way before their marriage, People reports.

It allows us bond

Brittany who spoke to Today said that living together was something all of them wanted. She said that affords them to foster bonds with each other since they are twins.

She said:

“…It’s something that’s very nice. [Josh and Jeremy] understand the twin bond like we do. We get to have a lot of together time.”

We may have more babies

After their first children, the twins said that their families are still talking about having more children. Their kids are about four months apart in age.

There are issues concerning the children’s genes. An article written in 2018 by Dr Alexanfra Burt argued that since Salyers twins are “indistinguishable from one another”, their children could be considered as siblings.

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