“Umenzeni Mtanam” Mapintsha’s funeral causes a stir of words between two families

There are many issues that have surfaced just after the death of Mapintsha, who was a musician in South Africa. This is following after there are now videos of two families fighting against one another using words.


A video was shared on social media of Mapintsha’s side of the family asking what his wife did to their son because they simply do not believe that he can just die like that.


it is a problem when someone has died and the family feuds because they need to respect the one who has left them and mourn him together, instead of fighting one another, because it does not yield anything.


However, it seems like this families are not understanding each other, especially because they believe that there is one part of the family which could’ve had a hand in facilitating the stroke that hit the Son.


May this people find comfort and love one another without fights.



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