Uyajola9/9| Man tried to kick Jubjub in the face because of meddling on his relationship

Jubjub caught a man cheating on his girlfriends and he was not happy to find out that Jubjub is behind all of this. He wanted to beat up Jubjub but he couldn’t because the guard had to hold him.


He tried to kick Jubjub a multiple times but Jubjub had to stand far away from him. There are some dangerous people that Jubjub deals with every single week, and they want to beat him up. If this man beat up Jubjub he would be injured because all the kicks that he missed were going to be very painful for him.


His guards needs to protect him all the time since he is the host of the show. Jubjub must be warned that when he does this job, there is a lot that can happen. Other than that he is doing a great job for many women out there.




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