VIDEO|| King Misuzulu arrived at armed forces day in Richards Bay in a more stylish way than Cyril

Today is a memorable day in South Africa especially for those who are working in the military arm of the government. Today has been a day many soldiers have been waiting for because it is an annual event which happens once in a year. Many people graced the occasion including the president of the country, Cyril Ramaphosa and many other top political figures. President Cyril Ramaphosa kicked off the occasion and he gave out several awards of recognition to several soldiers who have performed extremely well for the past one year

At the event, many people noticed something when King Misuzulu KaZwelithini arrived at the commemoration of the armed forces day in Richards Bay. He arrived in a more stylish and pompous way compare to how Cyril Ramaphosa came in. He was seen been led by group of soldiers to his seat and many people gave him a standing ovation. He is a guest who was invited by Cyril and we all know that King Misuzulu is a mighty man of valour. He is not someone that could be messed with and that is why he came into the gathering in a very stylish manner.

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