Video | My First Betrayal Came From My Mother – Bimbo Ademoye

Bimbo Ademoye, the curvy Nollywood actress, is one of such people who while growing up didn’t get the chance to enjoy the mother and child relationships.

Bimbo who confessed that her dad had to double up as both parents, reveals that her first experience of betrayal was from her mum.

The Anikulapo star actress said though she is cool with the fact she has no relationship with her mum, she would like people to respect her privacy.

Speaking about why she never talked about her mum and/or celebrate her like she always did with her dad, the voluptuous actress confirms in an interview that her mum is alive, but she has no relationship with her.


In her words, “My mum is alive, very much alive, we don’t just have a relationship, she lives like 15-20 minutes away from me, we just don’t have a friendship, I don’t talk about it because I would love for people to respect that.


“My mum left when I was two [years old], so betrayal, my first ever betrayal came from my mother, I didn’t get to know her, so there was no relationship. Though I am trying to build a relationship that is not beyond being a responsible daughter, paying for rent, this and that, but not more than that.


“I am okay with ‘no friendship, no closeness [with my mother], for my mental health and sanity, I’m very much okay with that.”

Describing her mum, she said, “my mum is a gorgeous woman, curvy, chubby, dark skin, I got my fair skin from my dad, but my shape, hips, and my waist are from my mum. I don’t have a relationship with my mother and I‘m fine with that.”


Bimbo Ademoye has been featured in several movies since coming into the limelight in 2016.


Why She is Agoraphobic

The actress also revealed how her esteem issues morphed into anxiety. And while speaking about her teenage years’ experiences, the actress also known by her secondary School name, Aisha Ademoye, said she grew up with the thought that nobody wants to be around her, so she makes friends by giving things, in other words, buying them over.

She hinted that her parent’s separation also contributed to her suffering from no self-esteem from childhood.

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